Yoga with Seema Sondhi

Price(Rs.) 30,000.00

Course Dates

We take you through a journey of Yoga, rarely found in other classes. We practise the Ashtanga Vinyasa form of yoga ( popularly known as “power yoga”) which is very dynamic in nature, this sort of a yoga practise is perfect for individuals looking to develop strength, lose weight and tone up by working the deeper muscles of the body. Seema Sondhi will help you unwind and relax, it is a place where you can escape the everyday stress and worries and connect with your inner self. In this quiet ambience, feel free to let go of your body and mind to feel uplifted and energized.

The classes are revitalizing and rejuvenating and incorporate the traditional form of Pranayama (breathing technique), Savasan (relaxation), Dhyana (meditation) and Chanting. The classes are specifically designed to build a healthy balance of flexibility, strength, agility, and poise. The classes run for duration of 75 minutes and you will be sure to feel a difference in your body and mind after a class with us!

If you are new to yoga do not panic, you don’t have to be super flexible or extra strong in order to start your practise. Each of us is unique and so is the yoga practise, all you need to bring with you to class is a fun loving attitude and smiles on you face!

Yoga for stressed out employees can help minimizing absenteeism, reduce burnout, build team spirit and motivation and enhance productivity. Employee wellness and health can be improved by introducing yoga into their lives it leads to a better outcome for both employees and employer. The benefits are immense and with our meticulously designed program which includes the practise of asana coupled with meditation and correct breathing which can provide them with tools to deal with stress not only at the workplace but also in their personal lives. 

Seema has undertaken corporate yoga program in the past for companies such as Pepsi Co, India Today Group, Bill Gates Foundation, Siemens, Exotic Heritage Group,  IEL & FS and many others. If you require more information on our corporate programs feel free to contact us and we will be sure to assist you with your questions! 

All age groups.

Price(Rs.) 30,000.00

Course Dates

Yoga Studio


The studio provides mats, water and changing rooms for our valued yogis. Dress comfortably and preferably wear something in which you can stretch your body out like an elastic band! If you do have a knee issue, back issue or any other medical ailments please do inform our instructors so they can advise you on the doe’s and don’ts and modify the asanas as per  your body’s capacity.