Strength & Mobility Masterclass

Price(Rs.) 30,000.00

n today's highly interconnected global economy, employees spend a large portion of their time in their offices. An unhealthy, unhappy employee will lead to inefficiencies, which directly affect your organization's outputs. Ensuring a company invests in the wellbeing of its people is one of the primary purposes of the People function. As an employee advocate, HR should focus on keeping workers motivated, engaged, and happy. The key to achieving this is prioritizing employee health. When done well, these employee wellness programs can lead to an 80% improvement in organizational performance. The Icon has come up with specialized courses for your organization to keep them Healthy & Mentally Fit!

Strength, Mobility Workout.

Age Group: 20 years to 60 years

Price(Rs.) 30,000.00


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Trainers Studio in Gurugram, Sector 29