Public Relations Planning – Tools And Methodology

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates
This training workshop provides you with practical skills and knowledge you need to work more decisively. In proving the value of PR, you will learn how to ascertain the return of investment of PR. We cover measurement principles, evaluation tools and methods, track engagement, managing influential media contacts, growing database lists and creating captivating PR pitches.
  • Best Methods of Media Coverage
  • Formulating Press Releases and Editor Pitches
  • Brand Media Landscape Analysis
  • Measuring PR Return on Investment (RoI)

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • C-Suite Executives, Marketing and PR Communications Directors.
  • Media or Marketing Managers and PR Managers.
  • Corporate Communications Team, CSR Consultants.

Upon completion of this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • analyse and optimize PR Budget to achieve the best results available.
  • Prepare and write pertinent press releases and coverage proposals.
  • Validate PR theory into practice with Case Studies.
  • Produce policy changes to improve PR efficacy.

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates
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