Media Relations And Press Strategy

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates
Getting the right type of coverage is a key requirement of the PR professional. While not all media opportunities are equal, publicity can be great way to keep the organization, its services and brands prominent in the commercial sphere. This training workshop prepares you to create proactive media relations enabling you be responsive and responsible for the process.
  • Best Practice of PR
  • Dealing with Media. Editors, Opinion Holders and Journalists
  • Media Relations and Interview Techniques
  • Finding the PR Opportunities

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • Professionals in the private or public sector who wish to learn PR.
  • Media or Marketing Managers and PR executives.
  • Corporate Communications Team.

By attending this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate content creation and responses.
  • Structure PR planning into both short and mid-term.
  • Comment astutely with media professionals by handling both positive and negative exposure in line with PR objectives in mind.
  • Attribute press opportunities to pre-set goals and duplicating press strategy for maximum coverage.

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates