Marketing Communications, Branding And Design

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates
By returning to sketching the drawing board we create stories, contents, ideas to implement AIDA principles of attention, interest, desire and action. This training workshop guides you in creating and commission the best content management. We explore how to manage design and talented creatives to get the best spend for your marketing activities that is focused on the results, brand awareness and recognition.
  • Create Winning Marketing Campaigns
  • Branding Principles
  • Design Management
  • Integrated Marketing Solutions

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • Marketing Managers, Senior Managers, Brand Managers.
  • Account Directors, Corporate Communications Team, Data Scientists.
  • Marketing Directors, Design Directors.
  • Directors, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

By attending this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Design marketing concept and overseeing marketing management.
  • Create a brief and clear plan to deliver all creative marketing content.
  • Experiment with different creative approaches to deliver innovative solutions.
  • Direct the marketing channels in order to have integrated results oriented marketing strategy.

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates