Leading And Enabling Change

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates
A leaders manner in exemplifying change is at the helm of how the organizations deals with change. Business patterns and cycles vary because competitors are disruptively changing the rules of the game. This training workshop provides a space for leaders to master how to absorb uncertainty and harness it into a force for positive change.
  • Managing Change through Resistance
  • Leadership Best Practice
  • Organizational Culture and Climate
  • Theoretical Frameworks PESTLE Model

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • Heads of Organizations, Chief Officers, Chairpersons, Board Members, Directors and Entrepreneurs.
  • Heads of Departments.
  • Senior Managers and High Performance Executives.

Upon completion of this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Amend policy and procedure to correlate with PESTLE forces.
  • Overcome dissension in the ranks to empower the workforce.
  • Validate regeneration to encourage positive work cultures and attitudes.
  • Encourage and supportive new work narratives.

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates

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