HR And Corporate Strategy

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates
In an increasing world of change, HR needs to remain relevant to the business that it serves by being more strategic and add value from the very top of organizations. This training workshop kicks-off with the widest discussions on areas that impact your organization today.
  • The Meaning of HR Strategy
  • HR Approaches to Organizational Development
  • Business and Corporate Strategies

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • HR directors
  • Heads of HR functions
  • HR business partners
  • Senior HR executives, managers, advisors and officers who wish to contribute to the development and implementation of HR strategy.
  • Chief officers, Chairpersons, Board members, Company directors, Heads of Departments, and all those at the highest levels of an organization interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of strategic HRM.

Upon completion of this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand your behavioural traits and impact on others.
  • Know and use strategic modelling to understand the drivers for change.
  • Analyse various business and corporate strategic models such as Blue Ocean.

Price(Rs.) 35,000.00

Course Dates
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