Decision-Making Skills

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates
The best leaders deliver action not just ideas. However it is in the decision-making process that leaders will find the basis for the success and accountability. With greater focus due to both expectations and challenges, this training workshop will teach you how to tap into decision-making through observation and high level critical thinking.
  • The Decision-Making Process
  • How to Skilfully Persuade
  • Team-led Approaches to Decision-Making
  • Structured Critical Thinking

This training workshop is suitable for:

  • Senior Managers and Executives on a succession plan.
  • Heads of Departments
  • Directors and Entrepreneurs

Upon completion of this training workshop, you will be able to:

  • Test case scenarios through role plays to apply decision-making principles.
  • Explore Harvard University Research on decision-making.
  • Formulate robust decision-making procedures.
  • Critique and apply best practice to lift the organization.

Price(Rs.) 40,000.00

Course Dates


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