About Us

The Icon was founded by two media stalwarts Neha Nehra and Rahul Kishore, 6 years back. We at Icon, identify the gaps in skill-set of employees & leaders and provide them with trainings & development programs, delivered by best in class trainers from all across the World, along with one of its kind “Happiness Events”. Great learning experiences make for a happier, more productive team. Continuous skill upgrade & employee training is vitally important to the success of any business & competitive workforce.

Our Team

Neha Nehra

Neha is a visionary & an avant-garde entrepreneur, spurred by a 16 year career in media, marketing & IT. Worked across industries & graduated from top universities in UK & UAE. She founded her Media company ‘Taurus Media’, which is doing well in its sphere of business for the last 10 years.

In 2018 she founded ‘The Icon Training & Consulting’, a company which has been delivering trainings and consulting across genres for the last 5 years.

Her clientele includes top industrialists, blue chip corporates and industry leaders. 

Rahul Kishore

Rahul Kishore is an honest leader and a good communicator. His forte are his inter personal & relationships skills. Rahul comes with close to 35 years of work experience across Industries.

Started Taurus Media 10 years back & works closely with leading brands across India. Rahul has worked with several large clients at the individual and MNC level to help improve their brand and image . The Icon , his latest venture has tied up with international companies to provide unparalleled trainings, across all categories to corporates in India.